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Eco Club

The Eco-club at St Agnes has children from both key stage one and key stage two. We have weekly gardening meetings with a parent volunteer where the children plant vegetables and flowers. Every half- term we have eco-club meetings this year we have made a bag out of newspaper, birdfeeders, planted vegetables and made a power-point presentation on the three R’s

 This club is important to teach the children about how we can reduce waste, reuse what we have and to spread the message throughout the school. Through the weekly gardening sessions, the children learn about planting and how they can grow their own fruits and vegetables. This is something we hope the children speak about with their friends and families.

When making our birdfeeders, we spoke about the importance encouraging wildlife in our gardens and around our homes and how this is not only a joy to watch but also that, it encourages other wildlife such as bees and butterflies too.

When we made the news paper bags, we spoke about the importance of re-using paper and spoke about up cycling and encouraged the children to think how they could turn items such as newspaper that they may just place in the recycle bin and turn into something else.


The children that attended the meeting where they created a power-point together. We spoke about how, what we recycle, and what else the children could do, and researched what would happen if we stopped recycling. We also looked at how we can reduce waste, energy and water not only around the school but also at home. We spoke about re-using plastic bags and if possible to use a bag that is not plastic. The children remembered that we made newspaper bags and that is something they could use instead of plastic bags.


In the future, we hope that the eco-club continues to grow and that they can carry on contributing and learning about growing plants, fruits and vegetables using the school garden. We hope to carry on regular meetings where the children get the opportunity to learn in more detail about the three R’s reduce, reuse and recycle and to spread the message throughout the school

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